One advantage of stocking our brands TWF and Sola, rather than developing your own line of wetsuits with us through our Own Label process, is that you benefit from the years we have put in to building brand awareness and our ongoing marketing activity.

Both brands have great heritage. For many surfers, the first wetsuit they ever owned was made by Sola.  Well established and known for its quality and durability, Sola suits are both part of childhood memories and known for being technically up-to-date with constant development and improvement. Some say that every surfer has a Sola story… and we’ve yet to find one without.

TWF were amongst the first to make wetsuits for children worldwide and are similarly well known, protecting generation after generation from the sea and the sun. Providing both fun and function, TWF products arose from our mission to allow more people to enjoy the water, whatever the weather. Families recognise and trust TWF as a good value, reliable brand.

Our ongoing marketing activities continue to drive demand. Both TWF and Sola have a presence on Facebook and Instagram. These are maintained by our team in Cornwall with support from our brand ambassadors.

We produce an annual brochure for each brand, which contain the full ranges.  In addition to this is our TWF & Sola asset portal which showcases each product with easily downloadable assets including full descriptions, features, barcodes, size guides, stock & lifestyle photography.  In addition to this we have comprehensive pre-written social media content. With all this available exclusively to our valued customers, they have everything needed to set products up online, update stock control systems or post to social media. With just a few clicks the assets make listing, marketing and selling TWF and Sola products a breeze.

Our charitable and sponsorship activities also raise awareness of the brands and their heritage.

Find out more about our brands using the links below, or get in touch to discuss how we could help you bring TWF and Sola into your store.