At TWF (The Wetsuit Factory) we are constantly looking at ways of being more responsible. As a business that has been around since 1969 we know how important it is to look to the future.

Our brand ethos is to make the water accessible for all, building the best suits for the best price.

We have taken, and continue to take steps to become more sustainable so we can contribute to protecting our beautiful environment.

Children in wetsuits on a beach

Responsible Design and Education

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Our products are built and designed to last using the best materials and latest manufacturing processes. We aim to further maximise the life and performance by including care instructions with each item.

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Caring For Our Customers

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At TWF we firmly believe that we have a responsibility to educate our end users to use the water safely. We provide information to our customers on how to avoid danger when in, around or on the water on our swing tags and social platforms.

Shipping Boxes Sustainably

Packaging and Shipping

Shipping Boxes

With zero to landfill being at the forefront of all design, our packaging has been reconfigured to maximise the amount of products we can fit into each shipment.

Our packaging is also made from recycled materials that can then be recycled on. In addition to this, all boxes received are reused when shipping orders to our retailers.

These positive steps enable us to lower our carbon footprint.

Recycling Our Cardboard


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We have made a conscious effort to minimise our environmental impact.

We have recycling facilities throughout HQ. All of our waste materials are now recycled, achieving our zero to landfill objective.

In 2023 we launched our bodyboard recycling scheme. This is open to all TWF and Sola boards and ensures that any unwanted bodyboards will go on to another life rather than to landfill.

Repairing Wetsuits

Repair, Replace, Warranty

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All returned neoprene goods go on to be repaired which enables them to stay in circulation. On the rare occasion goods are beyond repair they are sent into the wider community for art projects.

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TWF and Sola are committed to supporting our offshore facilities, some of whom we have worked with for over 20 years.

Like all partnerships we have worked hand in hand to allow us both to make the changes which develop our technology and become more sustainable.

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What Happens Next?

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In 2024 we will continue to develop our products and care advice to make sure that we offer a high spec durable product that will last for many years to come. Our waste management will be continually reviewed ensuring that we are doing our very best to reduce and reuse across the business.

As a team we stand committed to continuing our journey on becoming as sustainable as possible.